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What to Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Know How to Use the Internet to Build

When I joined my home-based business company 12 years ago, the person who sponsored me had been in the company for only 6 months as a distributor - she was brand new to building a business, just like me. 

I had big dreams for me & my (someday) family, and saw it as an unlimited opportunity that could support my family indefinitely. My most modest dream was of a lifestyle that included enough of an income to pay the bills and still have some money leftover every month; my most lavish dream included having a new home with enough bedrooms & bathrooms for everyone in our family, plus extra for guests to visit. And yes, I dreamed of travel, and new cars. The usual stuff! 

When it came time to start building my new business, my sponsor and I turned to the tried and true methods of her sponsors (in industry lingo, they are called the "upline").

They were successful and I was excited to soak up all they could teach me! They had been doing this business for a long time, and knew what they were doing!

Specifically, they joined in the early 1970's and built a large, successful business, to a level that was still sustaining them in 2005, when I met them!

What Business- Building Tactics Were You Taught?

Recognize this? It's what they first looked like when they were available for purchase in 1977. The internet was not what we think of it today!

Let me be clear about where I am headed with all this: I admired my upline for what they achieved, and I still do! But the business I saw them enjoying was built primarily in the 1970's, 80's, and maybe a little through the 90's. The tactics they used to build and reach their objective of meeting new people, recruiting business partners, and enrolling customers were: home parties, in their home, and any home within driving distance; "welcome wagon" (look it up); introducing themselves to strangers at the grocery store, or other public places; and sending a printed newsletter to people in the mail.

And guess what? They killed it with those tactics! They earned over a dozen company cars, they earned trips for their family to go all over the world, and they retired not on their teacher retirement, but on a cushy monthly income from their home-based business!

But when I joined in 2005, what do you think they were able to teach me?

My first income-producing activity was an in-home "kick-off" meeting, at which I had about a half dozen neighbors, and from which I got a few customers. (No, I am not in the above picture; nor am I with that particular company!)

It was old-fashioned, aka "classic," and customary. And stale.

Yet, it was all I knew how to do. It was what I was taught. 

Luckily, my company also offered free training and I sunk myself into it, following each of the steps. Write my "why;" make a super long list of everyone I know; invite each person to have a conversation or to attend an event (cue the in-home party again); share the opportunity & products information; then sponsor, teach and repeat!

Hm...  OK...  But... Oh, never mind, OK, let's do this!

Flash forward to a few years later, when I I finally signed up my first distributor (yay, a big step closer to realizing my dreams with this industry!), and I coached her through the first steps: write her "why;" build her list; invite a bunch of those people to her kick-off party; sponsor, teach, and repeat!

Three people came to her kick-off party. I helped her "share" the information. One spent $12. We sponsored no one. And shortly after that she quit.

She wasn't the only one. Another of my excited-to-join new distributors went through the same thing, got a little better results, even signed up a friend as a partner, then quit after a few failed events. His partner never even got started. 

And another friend followed the same path.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I think the real question is, why didn't I quit?!

I didn't give up because in addition to genuinely loving my company's products this whole time, I also have a dream for my family that is way bigger and way stronger than any one business, or any business tactic, or the ups and downs of business. And I know that as far as achieving the lifestyle I dream of for my family, the most accessible way to get there is via a home-based business.

So what's a home-based builder with big dreams and dead-end tactics to do?  

Spend More Money?

I started shelling out money, to learn new skills for building my business. I bought "leads" off some mysterious lists, paid for a system to keep those leads organized, paid for a phone-dialer and automatic voicemail leaver for cold-calling.

I spent thousands of dollars on this tactic, and countless hours. The money I got over. But I'll never get back that valuable time I spent.

How about placing ads in the newspaper? Or on Craigslist? There are any number of ways we can throw away your money, and not get much in return.

Was there a more affordable, quicker way? How about social media? This seemed like a no-brainer way to build my business! So I dug in, and started posting! It was fun "sharing" with my friends & family what I was doing in business! I enjoyed posting about my company and the products I loved! I loved telling people about our latest specials and how great everything in my company was! 

But no one loved hearing about it.

I became "that guy" who always talks about his business, and never interacts like a real friend. Always promoting. Always selling, masked as "sharing." Always prospecting. 

That's a quick path to loneliness. Don't do that. Don't be that guy or gal! Or if you have been, my advice is to stop. There's a better method for using social media  (keep reading).

The internet is clearly the way: businesses of all kinds are successfully building on the internet. Look at online shopping alone, and the behemoth that is now Amazon. Almost every big brick & mortar store also has an online presence, offering their stores' products as well as products they don't even house in their stores.

More and more people are on the internet, using the internet for shopping, participating in social media, and searching for solutions to their needs on the internet. Last I checked, Facebook has more than one billion users worldwide, and Instagram has 100 million people using it every month!

By simple reasoning, we are not the only people in the world who wanted a home-based business. We are not the only people working to build their home-based businesses. There are people out there who are looking for what you have to offer. 

How Do You Find the People Who Are Looking Online For What You Have to Offer?

If you want to find the people who are looking on the internet for what you have to offer, stop looking.

That's right, you heard me. Stop looking.

I mean it.

The best way to find the people who are looking on the internet for what you have to offer is by attracting them to you.

No, I don't mean in some spiritual, put-it-out-there-and-the-universe-will-answer sort of way. (Though I do believe in that kind of thing, that's not what I am talking about here!)

It's a strategy called "attraction marketing," and it brings people to you who are looking for what you have to offer and wanting to learn how it is you do what you do. 

I am learning about it (and earning at the same time), from a guy who was also sick of prospecting his friends & family, posting annoying status updates about his business, and cold-calling people. Once he worked out how to build using attraction marketing, his home-based business took off. He was able to quit his job, he became a 6-figure earner in his company, and within 4 years he became a 7-figure earner. And he hasn't prospected a single stranger or shared his opportunity with anyone in his family for 8 years.

Does the idea of attraction marketing sound good to you? 

Would you be happy building your business on the internet, with people coming to you for your products/services, or to partner with you?

Here are the suggestions for making attraction marketing work for you, from the guy I was talking about, whose name is Ferny Ceballos. 

Ferny's Six Steps to Making Attraction Marketing Work

Step 1: Find the best target market.
Step 2: Demonstrate value.
Step 3: Create websites & emails that sell for you.
Step 4: Build "You, Inc."
Step 5: People who say, "No," are awesome!
Step 6: Build an empire

What Path Will You Take?

If you're still reading this post, then I think I can assume you, too, might be interested and looking for a successful strategy for building your business online, and ready to part ways with the old-school business-building methods of home parties, cold-calling, or endlessly prospecting your friends & family. And the best way out there, that I and few other thousands of people have found, is attraction marketing.

The blueprint for all of this, and how to make attraction marketing work for you, is outlined in this 10-day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp, which Ferny teaches for free!

If what you're doing right now is working for you, then by all means keep doing it!

But if you're like me, and you would prefer to build your business actually from HOME, and have it continue to build for you even while you're away from your computer screen enjoying your family, or out for a fun time with friends (instead of prospecting them!), then check it out.

Who knows? This may be the right path for you, or it may not be, too, but with everything else you've probably looked at or tried, it certainly doesn't hurt to check it. You can sign up for the free course here. 

Oh! And before I close, let's go back to social media for a moment. Remember how I said I had become "that guy," who does nothing but post about his business, his amazing opportunity, and fantastic products, much to the dismay of my family & friends? There is a much better way to use social media, without losing your friends!

In fact, I just checked my Facebook: at the time of writing this, in the past 7 days, I've "attracted" 119 new followers to my Facebook business page; and in the last 6 days, 249 new people have followed my Facebook products/brand page! Those are people I didn't know one week ago! 368 new people, who are attracted to what I offer, and the value I am sharing, that I didn't have to go chase. Imagine what's possible for you, once you begin to learn these same skills, too!

If you want to effectively use social media specifically to recruit and build your business, without being "that guy," or "that gal," take the free course I mentioned above, and also go here to see a free 15-minute video that introduces another awesome course that teaches how to effectively build your business via social media. (I love that these tactics are helping so many stay-at-home parents build the businesses of their dreams, in the little bits of spare time they can find in their busy schedules!) This Social Media Recruiter system is AWESOME! Totally detailed and completely do-able for anyone, no matter what your current skill level is with social media, or the internet. 

If nothing else, I hope you got some value out of this post! Who knows? Maybe you could relate to some of what I was saying. If nothing else, it's sometimes nice just knowing you're not alone, right?

Whatever you're doing, however you are building your business, I wish you nothing but success! 

All the best -
David Eggers

David Eggers

David is married and has two kids, Samson (8) and Olympia (5). He & his family currently live in New Jersey. He struggled in network marketing for 12 years, until he learned how to succeed with online marketing. He's found a passion in helping others do the same. Reach out and he will walk you through the process, so you can stop struggling toward your dream , too, and actually get there faster.

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