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Welcome to HWLiving, where I help people grow successful businesses, through attraction marketing and advertising online, which brings them more partners and customers. You will find many resources here for your business growth, along with ways to get the most out of the life you are creating. From strategies and tools for building a significant income with your home business or service you provide, to products for helping you live younger longer – everything on this site is meant to help you love your life more!

My name is David Eggers, and it is my passion to help empower others.

I do this by:

  • leading people to better financial situations via successful strategies for building their businesses or services
  • leading people to better health via natural, safe, proven products

My goal is to give you valuable information that you can use in your business and in your life, so go ahead and click on any of the tabs above for my blog, to get to know me, and to inquire about partnering with me in my business, if you’d like.

Thank you – David Eggers

Feel free to contact me or connect with me so I can get to know you, too!