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Out with the Old…

You know the saying: out with the old, in with the new!

Could it be time to apply that to your business?

How have you been finding enough clients for you business? If you’re in a home-based business, how do you find business partners?

Did you make a huge list of names, start reaching out to people, inviting people to group events or to one-on-one meetings?

How’s that going for you?

I’ve been with my company for 12 years, and that’s what I was taught to do. 12 years ago. From the people who have been doing it for 25 – 35 years.

That is all I ever did to build my business for the past 12 years. Except for one brief, expensive burst of time and energy when I paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for “leads,” a pre-designed autoresponder, and a computer automated phone dialer. (I didn’t find even one business partner from that effort – what a waste or my money, time, and effort!)

I do think there is merit to those traditional methods – and I honestly believe everyone should build an extensive list, they should have one-on-ones, they should do small group events (if that’s their thing). Yes, to all of those!

But what do you do when all of those efforts do not work out the way you dreamed they would? What do you when all of that isn’t enough? Do you quit? Do you let go of your dreams of a better life?

Or do you find another way?

Just because certain methods have worked for an industry for dozens of years, does not mean those methods are still the most effective today. The world is not the same as when people were building big businesses in from home, with home-parties, in the 1970’s, 80’s even the 90’s.

To be a big player in business today, to make your business grow to a career-sized income, or to an insanely large income even, to live the lifestyle of your dreams, you have to expand your reach by taking your business online.

Now that doesn’t just mean setting up some social media accounts, and spamming people. It doesn’t mean just creating a website and expecting people to find it and buy/join either!

It means learning how to effectively market your business online. And the best option, the option which is creating more high 6-figure incomes in record time, is called attraction marketing. Basically what it boils down to is this: learning how to take your brand onto the internet, and offer real value to others. That can be in the form of education, information, instruction, even entertainment. Create content that helps others – for those in your niche market – in some valuable way. Of course, there is much that goes into this, including certain strategies and tactics. But once you begin to create real value, your business will grow, and more and more people will see the value you share, and seek you and your services.

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This was all brand new to me. Other than having a few social media accounts where I would occasionally blast out special deals, or weak appeals for anyone looking to make extra income (oh, how embarrassing now!)… I didn’t do much online.

And I was getting anything from it. either Why? Because I wasn’t giving anything.

Have you ever heard this before: to receive anything, you first have to give it away?

Wrap your head around that for a minute. It’s a doozy. But it is true. If you want something of value in your life or for your business, give value away first. If you want love, give love first. If you want freedom, give freedom. It applies to everything.

I finally see how it applies in business. And now that I get it, I can never look back. I am into this way of doing business, hook, line, and sinker. Since starting this journey, only few weeks ago, my eyes have been opened, and my business is growing, precisely because I am helping others, by offering value.

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Take advantage of this free 10-day boot camp, all about marketing online and how to have people coming to you for your business / products / services. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than chasing after people?

To your success – David Eggers

David Eggers

David is married and has two kids, Samson (8) and Olympia (5). He & his family currently live in New Jersey. He struggled in network marketing for 12 years, until he learned how to succeed with online marketing. He's found a passion in helping others do the same. Reach out and he will walk you through the process, so you can stop struggling toward your dream , too, and actually get there faster.

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