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Grow And Recruit on LinkedIn

Are you tired or chasing people and being “unfriended” for sharing what you love about your business?I struggled for 12 years in my network marketing company, following the “old school” process I’d been taught:- make a list- invite to see a presentation- show the presentation- sponsor new customers and teammatesAs simple as that sounded, I […]

How to Avoid 10 Years of Struggle to the Next Rank

When you began your home-based business, did you do the following? – Write a ‘why that made you cry’ – Make a list of 100+ people- Start inviting people to look at your company & productsHow did that work for you?Were you happy with the result?I did all of that when I got started, I worked […]

Out with the Old…

You know the saying: out with the old, in with the new! Could it be time to apply that to your business? How have you been finding enough clients for you business? If you’re in a home-based business, how do you find business partners? Did you make a huge list of names, start reaching out to people, inviting […]

A New Beginning

On July 10th, 2017, I stumbled upon a post from a friend, a fellow network marketer, who was sharing how she was successfully building her home-based business in a new way: by attracting people who were looking for what she had to offer. “Wow! That would be nice!” I remember thinking. So I clicked on […]